CM - Chris Mosetick - a fast, versatile, remote DevOps Architect.
CM --startup        Startup company experience
CM --aws            Amazon Web Services
CM --gcp            Google Cloud Platform
CM --linode         Linode Cloud
CM --cloud          (Optional) Choose your own public or private cloud provider to interface with CM
CM --metal          Data center / co-location server maintenance and deployment
CM --unix           Prefer Unix or Unix-like operating systems for deployment
CM --opensource     Prefer libre / open source solutions when available
CM --security       Invoke restricted security.

                    See: ED25519(7), NAMESPACES(7), CGROUPS(7), SHA256DEEP(1), PAM_YUBICO(8), SSHD_CONFIG(5), GPG(1), ANSIBLE-VAULT(1), OPENSSL(1SSL)


Chris Mosetick is a DevOps Architect with a strong Linux systems engineering background.

As a technology professional CM has worked with a multitude of different technologies and systems spanning over a decade.

His five year stretch helping to build tech startup Revolution Analytics resulted in an acquisition by Microsoft Corp in early 2015.

CM has over ten years experience with a few Linux distributions.

He has presented on topics such as networking, and file systems, and has expertise in a variety of technical areas.

His attention to detail is looked up to by current and former colleagues.

He strives to be approachable and personable in daily interactions with co-workers that are both local and around the world.

As a technical leader he is always researching and experimenting with primarily, open source technology.


Interested users can find more information about CM by visiting the following hyperlinks in a web browser:

Linkedin - Up to date overview of what CM has been up to lately.

CM on Github - CM is active on Github and trys to contribute to as many interesting projects as possible.

GitLab - Please note that CM has primarily been using GitLab a lot since 2017. (self-hosted + SaaS offering)

Before contacting me, it is best to read my NOTICE file.
Please contact me via Linkedin to message me, after reading NOTICE.

In early 2021 CM switched back to using Linux Mint on ASUS hardware for primary day-to-day computing tasks.
He now connects to the Internet and World Wide Web primarily via a passive fiber optic style connection.

CM's go-to text editor right now is Atom but also is a nano fan.

Still a fan of `zsh`. oh-my-zsh is still helpful while working in git repositories.

CM likes the Homebrew package manager on GNU/Linux and MacOS and using Terminator on GNU/Linux systems.

Still a long time fan of on MacOS.

CM is also a fan of Linux desktop systems featuring multi-monitor displays, mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches and the original versions of Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse.


CM has grown more interested in ARM64 Architecture recently, and is still evalutaing how this may be useful in the data center.
SEE: ARCH(1) for more information.


CM has been a Dvorak typist for about a decade, and prefers to use a keyboard layout that is rooted in actual science, rather than the ideas of one man and the mechanical efficiency of the 1860's.

CM enjoys non-techinal topics such as skiing, hiking, motorcyle riding, biking, craft beer, wine, dark chocolate.
The option --server is used internally by CM, and should never be typed by a user under normal circumstances.
If invoked manually Kubernetes container deployments will commence immediately.
See `Linkedin` in the SEE ALSO section of this man page.